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Every layer of caregiver support, personalized for your journey.

ianacare = I Am Not Alone

Empowering & equipping family caregivers with the resources they need and deserve.

  • Personal social circles
  • Employee benefits
  • Local resources
  • Expert content
  • Caregiver Navigators & community

There are more than 50 million caregivers in the US*

And they are the backbone of our society and health care system

*2020 AARP survey

COVID-19 Pandemic Care

COVID-19 Pandemic Care

Had a new baby or tested positive for COVID-19? Create a support team to coordinate help despite social distancing.

Chronic Conditions

Chronic Conditions

Coordinate care and rally support for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease, cancer, heart disease, stroke, and other conditions.

Children/Adults with Special Needs/Disabilities

Children/Adults with Special Needs/Disabilities

Connect with local services and build an ongoing sustainable support team.


Get personalized guidance on how to prepare, leverage resources, and manage family logistics.

Accidents & Temporary Care

Did you tear your ACL, break an arm, or get into an accident? ianacare is not only for long-term or terminal conditions.

Veteran Support

Navigate resources, unlock benefits, and build an integrated support team veterans deserve.


Are you a caregiver?

Practical and emotional support - all in one place


Personal Social Circles Invite friends and family to your team to help with everyday tasks.

Employee Benefits & Local Resources* Easily access benefits & local resources personalized for you.

Expert Content* Receive tips and content to support you across the six pillars of caregiving.

Caregiver Navigators & Community* Personal guidance for your unique situation.


*Feature only available through your employer


Hear from caregivers just like you

"Having a newborn in the NICU was stressful, especially during the COVID pandemic. Our ianacare team mobilized to send us meals, watch our toddler, pick up groceries, and coordinate visits. The Caregiver Navigator guided us through major decisions, helped us advocate at the hospital, and shared resources that I had no energy or knowledge to find myself. ianacare completely changed our entire care journey."

Peter B. | Caregiver for his wife and newborn in the NICU

Hear from caregivers

We partner with employers to build a culture of care

  • Unlock your employee benefits & resources - with just a few clicks. 
  • As a busy working caregiver, your employer is a significant source of support that you already qualify for.


Showing up is what matters. You're showing up as a caregiver. We empower your support team to show up for you.


iana = I Am Not Alone.

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