31 Days of Choosing Community

by ianacare

It's no secret that caregiving can take a toll on us physically, and emotionally. Actually, AARP reports that 70% of caregivers show signs of clinical depression and are 30x more likely to experience depression than their peers. Those statistics are grim, but it's important to remember that although we haven't chosen to be caregivers, we can choose how we respond to the situations we've been thrust into.

While caregivers are focused on their loved one, they cast their own needs to the side. Constant uncertainty to feelings of lost identity and shame leave us feeling isolated, and have a profound impact on our mental health.

So, what can we do about it? Together, we can choose community over isolation.

This month, we'll be sharing a new way to #ChooseCommunity every day on Instagram. Be sure to follow along by following the @ianacare account. Feel free to share your own #ChooseCommunity moments by tagging @ianacare and using #ChooseCommunity!

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