Respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with


Caring without contact

The breadth and depth of this crisis can easily make us feel helpless, but this is when we can be extremely helpful. We’re mobilizing personal support teams to meet the everyday needs of people right around you.

Small acts of help make a huge difference!


Start a personal support team

Ianacare is an app that mobilizes your personal social circles to support you - when you need it most. Coordinate practical help with everyday needs and keep everyone updated in a private group.

Start a support team for people you know impacted by COVID-19:

  • Elderly neighbors
  • People with chronic illnesses
  • Confirmed cases of COVID-19
  • Quarantined individuals/families due to symptoms
  • Friends who have lost their income
  • Medical professionals on the frontlines

Provide meals

Pick a set weekly time to drop off meals

Pick up medication

Set a date and location to pick up medication from the pharmacy

Send financial relief

Create an Amazon Wishlist that is connected to the ianacare app

Emotional Support

Send “virtual hugs” and comments via the ianacare private feed

Walk pets

Offer to care for your friend’s pets

Get groceries

Leave groceries at the door with a notepad to exchange notes


IANA = I Am Not Alone.

"We may not have a playbook for a pandemic, but we do have a playbook for care."


Co-founder of ianacare

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