Caregiving impacts the way we live, work, and care.

ianacare's comprehensive platform brings together personal and professional layers of support to empower & equip working family caregivers.


7 out of 10 employee caregivers suffer in silence at work.

Employers have continued to offer new benefits and resources to support their employees. Yet, there are few dedicated programs to support working caregivers.


of Americans consider themselves a caregiver

Between COVID and aging baby boomers, there will be a substantial increase in working caregivers.



of caregivers show signs of clinical depression

Gaps in caregiver support have significant negative impacts on the caregiver's own health.



of caregivers report loss of productivity at work

Working caregivers are forced to balance professional and personal responsibilities without tools.



of caregivers have voluntarily left a job to take care of a loved one

Ultimately, many caregivers must make the hard choice between their career or caring for a loved one.


We empower & equip working caregivers with tools, resources, and community

ianacare brings every layer of support into one, easy to use platform.

Personal Social Circles

Personal social circles

  • Create a personal team of supporters including friends, family, & colleagues
  • Receive help with practical, everyday tasks
  • Share updates & encouragement in a private feed
Employer Benefits

Employer benefits

  • Fully integrated with existing programs & benefits already offered to employees
  • Highly contextualized to meet caregiver needs
  • Seamless access to EAP, LOA, etc. via the app
Local Resources

Local resources

  • Curated programs and services in every US zip code for caregivers and care recipients
  • Discover vetted resources beyond a web search
  • Contact organizations directly through ianacare
Expert Content

Caregiver Navigators & community

  • 1-1 support from a team of specialized Caregiver Navigators matched to meet caregiver's needs
  • Curated expert content to support all parts of the caregiving journey
  • Peer support groups & customized support modules

Our impact is real

By tightly integrating with your existing benefits, ianacare offers a solution that delivers measurable results.

Increase productivity


Due to less unplanned time off

Decrease stress & burden


Reduction in feeling overwhelmed

Employee satisfaction


Reported feeling supported by their employer


ianacare vs. other solutions

Our platform bridges personal and professional resources to offer a fully customized experience for every type of caregiving situation.

ianacare vs. other solutions

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  • Why ianacare over other platforms?

    ianacare is the only comprehensive solution that brings together all the different layers of support. Our solution is 1) tech-powered for scalability; 2) seamlessly customized with employee benefits; 3) across broader caregiving use cases; and 4) focused on tools + community.

  • How customized is ianacare to our existing programs and benefits?

    We partner with your EAP and HR teams to load the programs and benefits you already offer right into the app. Each program offering can be fully customized and tailored for your organization. The user experience for employee caregivers is personalized to align with what is available for them.

  • Who is eligible for ianacare?

    All caregivers and their covered entities. Each ianacare team includes unlimited number of invited supporters.

  • What measures does ianacare take to protect privacy and security?

    ianacare encrypts all sensitive data at rest and in transit, using the strongest encryption ciphers (AES256). Employer data can be encrypted with the employer’s own encryption key. Our systems are hosted in cloud environments (AWS, Google Cloud) that meet the strictest security and industry standards. Ianacare is currently undergoing its SOC-2 audit.

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